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    san jose

    i recently got a cd from oracle named
    "Oracle Designer 6i and Oracle Repository 6i"
    after i successfully install it, everything works fine,
    except that one item is missing.

    from start->program->oracle designer 6i Tutorial
    there should be an item named "Oracle Designer for Tutorial user", but it is simply not there.

    if any of you installed that cd, please take a look,
    and tell me if that item is there, thanks a lot.
    also, anybody know what's wrong with my installation?

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    Washington DC
    you have to load it by running scripts and you have instructions on the installation steps manual. I did it couple of months ago.

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    hi bxr556
    i just installed the oracle designer 6i and oracle repository 6i.
    and after instalation i imported the TUTORIAL application system.pls go to start ->programs->oracle designer->start here there u will find the related docs or u can follw the steps as

    Importing the TUTORIAL application system
    The tutorial in this document requires that users have access to an application system containing predefined entity and function definitions. This application system is shipped with Oracle Designer, and was originally created with the name TUTORIAL.

    To import the application system, you must start the Repository Object Navigator as a user with:

    the Oracle Designer Repository Manager privilege
    You can import the TUTORIAL application system:

    as the tutorial user
    as a different user (in which case you will have to grant the tutorial user access to the TUTORIAL application system)
    The instructions given to users elsewhere in this document assume the application system is called TUTORIAL. When you import the TUTORIAL application system, you have the option to give the imported application system a different name. If you do give the application system a name other than TUTORIAL, make sure you tell users the name.

    To import the TUTORIAL application system:
    Start Oracle Designer as a user with the Repository Manager privilege.

    Select any application system from the drop-down list in the Application System dialog box and click on OK. If you do not have access to any existing application systems, click on Cancel.

    Start the Repository Object Navigator.

    Select ApplicationRestore to display the Application-Restore dialog box.

    Click on the Browse button to display the Select XT Archive Import File dialog box.

    Specify tutapsys.dmp as the file to import.
    By default, this file is located in the \ctutx71 directory, below the ORACLE_HOME directory. For example:

    Example location of tutapsys.dmp

    Windows 95

    Windows NT

    Click the Open button to close the Select XT Archive Import File dialog box

    Ensure that tutapsys.dmp is specified in the Import File box, then click on the Import button to begin the import.
    If the current user has not imported or exported an application system before, you will be prompted to create the archive tables before the file is imported. Click on OK to accept the default tablespaces for tables and indexes.

    If the archive tables already exist but are not empty, you will be prompted to delete existing data before continuing. Click on OK.

    If you want to change the name that the application system will be given in your repository, type the new name in the New Name field.

    Click on the original name of the application system (i.e. TUTORIAL) to select it.

    Click on the Restore button to create the application system in the Repository with the name you specified.
    When the process is complete, the application system status shown in the dialog box is set to **Restored**.

    Click on Close to close the Application - Restore dialog box.

    Either follow the instructions below to grant access to the new application system, or close the Repository Object Navigator.
    If you are prompted to save changes (i.e. to the unnamed application system created when you started the Repository Object Navigator if you did not have access to any application systems), click on No.

    hope this will help u.

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