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    Does anyone here uses any of the management or monitoring software from Quest?

    I was checking out Spotlight on Oracle, which I found it to be fascinating, but I know my company will never buy it, because we're cheap.

    So if anyone used something simular or better, please let me know, so I can check it out.

    thanks a bunch.

    new dba

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    There are many but, money matters. To mention few:

    Oracle Enterprize Manager
    Embarcedro DBArtisian
    BMC Patrol

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    There are "tons" of monitoring scripts available freely on the net. The gui tools only act as a front end to execute those queries. I was forced to work with Oracle because I had unix experience and couldn't even do a "select " statement. However by going out to the net and downloading some scripts(and testing on a test machine) I was able to monitor the DB and learn about SQL.

    Once you've gotten about 8-15 scripts that show most of the stuff you need to see(tablespaces, tables, users, privs, syns, blah blah blah) than you can write a simple shell script that uses that "case" statement to prompt the user to choose one of your scripts.

    Here are some links for free scripts:





    If your really lost- I can send you a tarball with my script and subscripts- you would have to change the ENV variables to customize it for your site.

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    Re : james07

    Dear James07;
    why don't you visit [url]www.warevalley.com[/url] to find what you really want to ? This tool is for the develolment application and performance tool for developer and DBA of Oracle.

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