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    Greetings, is there a timezone parameter when using wither to_char or to_date??

    I couldn't find one in any documentation.

    I want my output to look like this:
    Thu March 22 14:56:06 EST 2001

    so far I have:
    select to_char(sysdate, 'Dy Month DD HH24:MI:SS YYYY') from dual;


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    You've probably already thought of this, but ...

    If you know the timezone the server is in, hardcode it :-)

    Or, since sysdate is the server date/time, perhaps you get the entire date/time string at the OS level (assuming your on the server) and pass it into your SQL as a parameter (in Unix, "date +'%a %B %d %H:%M:%S %Z %Y'" would return the string you're after)

    Or, if you're doing this interactively, either do a "!date +%Z" or "!env|grep ^TZ" to get just the timezone.


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