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    I will explain the situation i am into first. I am going to install Oracle 815 On Sun Solaris. This is a development environment. So they have provided with only two disks of 18G. The installation hasent started yet. But Upon Installing Solaris mount points are to be created. I have two databases to be created. One database i have to create it now. The question is,

    How many mount points should i ask my Unix admin to create. In the Installation Doc i read that for OFA compliant database it needs four mount points. But i dont think that i will be creating the database as OFA compilant. So advice me on this. I am new to Unix. I have done Admin in NT.

    Thanks in Advance

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    How many mount points you need is directly related to how many physical devices you have. If you only have two physical devices, I would only create two mount points.
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    Before you install you must consider "mirroring" as it is the standard for production env databases. This would mean using Suns software or buying the Veritas software which is easier to use. This eliminates one of your biggest weaknesses of lossing a disk.

    Then you have to choose how many disks will be mirrored. It is important to consider how you will "multiplex" the control and redo files- that means that they are written to 2 locations to protect you if the first one blows.

    Basically the main install can be on:
    The main tablespace *.dbf files can be on:
    The backups and exports + multiplexed redos & controll

    That means your talking about at least 6 SCSI disks as these 3 disks should be mirrored. People could argue for hours specifically where everthing should be put- just try to think logically about "if" this disk goes and has the control(or redo) --- where wil the other one be.


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