Experience:- 3 year in ORACLE Application Developement in ORACLE and Developper 2000 R2.1 and 3 years in Foxpro, dbase, Clipper.
Software Installation, Hardware Assembling, Troubleshooting in system, Networking, Configuring Ssytems, Microsoft Office 2000.

Qualification:- Graduate B.Com(P)

Name:- Yogesh Bhardwaj

Address:- 2282, Jitendra Street, Kali Masjid, Bazar Sita Ram, Delhi - 11006 (INDIA).

Reference:- Available if Required.

email:- yogeshbhardwaj@theoffice.net

Telephone:- +91113221732.

Want a job for Application Developement:

Like Inventory Controls, Financual Accounting, Book Management.

I have developed Book Management Software for Jain Book Agency (INDIA).

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