It seems that if any oracle stored procedure input variable has a string value with more than 250 characters(declared as varchar2), the problem occurs. It doesn't matter what characters are in the string.

- Our server "APP" where we have our application is NT service pak 4, odbc version 3.510.3711.
Oracle ODBC driver version on this machine is dated 1/4/00. We have same Oracle ODBC drivers on all our client test machines here.

- Oracle Server "PROD" where we have Oracle test databases is NT service pak 4 and has Oracle 8 release and all our client test machines have the same version of oracle client installed.
This server has a Oracle ODBC driver dated 4/1/99.

This works fine if you use SQL worksheet to execute procedure. If I use ODBC test 32 which our application uses it locks up both servers (APP and PROD).

HAs anyone observed this ? Whats the solution ? We can't restrict number of characters to less than 250 in all our procedures.

Also these are the characters ODBC driver wouldn't take and will return error saying "Syntax error or access violation"
~ ` @ ! ^ [ ] { } \ $ #

But atleast 2nd one doesn't lock anything and will raise error.
Even though I want to solve 2nd problem too the 1st one where more than 250 charaters locking everything is critical for me at this point.

Thanks for all help