I have a date column and the data I am loading is something like:
Wed Mar 21 12:45:14 EST 2001

so, how do I load the date with the "EST" and everything.
I know if I were to convert SYSDATE I would do something like:
select to_char(sysdate, 'Dy Month DD HH24:MI:SS "EST" YYYY') from dual;

My MAIN problem is the "EST" thing.
But, in SQL*Loader, I am confused how to tell it to see the date. The documentation regarding this is very confusing.

I have been changing my controlfile around.
My controlfile right now is:
INTO table app_ticker_price
FIELDS terminated by ","
Ticker enclosed by '"',
EquityName enclosed by '"',
Changedate date "DD-MON-YYYY"

thanks for the help.
- Magnus