Migration from 7.34 to 8i using exp/imp
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Thread: Migration from 7.34 to 8i using exp/imp

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    I need to upgrade my database from 7.3 to 8i, if I'm using exp/imp: 'exp system/manager full=Y' from 7.3 then 'imp system/manager full=Y ignore=Y' to 8i.

    Can I use the above command if the database is under the xxx schema?

    What can I do to make sure all the packages, triggers, constraints, procedures... are imported properly? Is there a better way to do it besides the above command? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    By using 'exp file = backup.dmp userid = system/manager full = Y compress =Y log = backup.log', u are actually exporting all the packages, triggers, procedures..... into the dmp file. If you only have one schema, then u do not need to specify the schema to export from. From the backup.log, you are able to see the process of the export. Good luck! :)

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    I am undergoing through a similar project.I have formed a set of procedures which i am writing for your reference

    The Export Import Method of Data migration

    1.Point your environment variables to the old instance and then perform a full export as follows:

    export oracle_sid;
    oraenv_ask=no;export oraenv_ask
    export system manager file=olddatabase.dmp full=y;

    2.Point your environment variables to the new instance and perform a full import.

    oracle_sid=newdatabse;export oracle_sid;
    oraenv_ask=no;export oraenv_ask
    emp system/manager file=olddatabase.dmp full=y buffer=1000000 commit=y ignore=y;

    After this you should reexecute the scripts that create the database catalog in oracle 8.1 db.

    You will also have to change some parameters in the init.ora file.

    Like set compatible=the version of the oracle you are having and some others.

    Hope this helps you out.
    Happy migration

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    Thx for the info.
    so what other scripts do I need to run after the import? Besides catalog.sql

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    1)Alternatively you can use Migration utility which is faster than export/import.



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