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Thread: mlog$_table occoupies more space.

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    Nov 2000
    HI all,

    In my replicaton, mlog$_tablename is having twice the entries than my replication table. How, shall i control the entries in the mlog$_table.

    Becaues, in the segments it occupied log of space. That space depends upon the transaction, is increasing.

    Could i not reuse the space. Since, lot of space is going as waste, i think.

    Could any one help.

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Feb 2001

    Oracle automatic deletes the rows form mlog$_tablename.
    when snapshot is refreshed

    Your problem may due to

    i) Snapshot is not configured for automatic refreshes
    and it has been not refreshed manually since log time.
    ii) Multiple snapshots use the same log and one of them
    is not refreshed. Oracle does not delete rows from the log
    until all snapshots have used them.
    iii) Due to Network failure, master site is unaware that
    snapshot has been dropped.

    so pls. check if any such problem.

    Log can be manually purged using inbuilt procedure DBMS_SNAPSHOT.PURGE_LOG

    master => 'sales.customers',
    num => 1,
    flag => 'DELETE');

    If snapshot is very big and contains many extents
    then purging the snape does not reduce of the amount of space occupied. In surch case log should be truncate
    using session command

    TRUNCATE sales.mlog$_customers;


    P. Soni

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    Nov 2000
    Thanks Mr.Psoni,

    I don't have records in the mlog$_table, but, when i query the user_extents views the extents are allocated more.

    So, how shall i reclaim the space which is allocated to mlog$_table view. Since, no records are available.


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    Feb 2001
    Hi Mr. Gandhi,

    Truncate the log table to reclaim the free space
    by using truncate table command.

    TRUNCATE table sales.mlog$_customers

    P. Soni

    PS : Please note mlog$_table is a table
    not view as you have mentioned("how shall i reclaim the space which is allocated to mlog$_table view")

    [Edited by PSoni on 03-23-2001 at 07:29 AM]

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