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    Does anyone have a PL/SQL function or procedure that will turn RTF formatted data into plain text? I have found a dos program that will do it, but I was hoping to have some PL/SQL code that can do it... anyone?



    (I originally posted this in the dba forum, but I think here is more appropriate. sorry for the crosspost)

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    I don't have a PL/SQL program, but I know you can do that with MS Word. Maybe there's a way to do it using a Word Macro.

    Just a thought.



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    Here is my problem.

    I have a table with a column that is type LONG. It has data in it that is in the rtf format. I want to be able to view the data in the long column in a report, but the reporting program can't translate rtf, so what I wanted to do was the following :

    1) build a function like this -
    function rtf_to_text(rtfdata varchar2) returns varchar2

    2) build a view that uses the function, to give the appearance
    of having a 'regular text' version of the table.

    Another less preferred way I think I can pull this off is to use a microsoft API - call it via a library. But then my code is platform specific, so I am hoping to avoid this. Not to mention then I would have to use external procedures.


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