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    Hello to those reading this.

    I am a recruiter in the UK.

    We have many Permanent roles for Oracle DBA's. Both Apps and Non-apps.

    I am looking for people that have permits to work in the UK.

    Why? All our clients are currently looking for those who are albe to work in the UK without applying for Visas.

    We specialise in supplying Oracle only consultants to companies in the UK, We do not look at anyother roles in the IT market. This means that we talk Oracle all day and therefore have very good market knowledge.

    I am not going to post jobs here as I would like to take each person on an individual basis and discuss your needs to find a role that would improve your career prospects.

    Send me your CV with a little summary of yourself. i.e. strengths/weaknesses (if any), location, perm/ contract, location (UK or Europe), Salary sought, anything else that you can think of would be useful for me to help you.

    I can call you as well, (easier time difference for me).

    Remember, If you ignore this message, you may miss out on a great opportunity, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain (nice typical line!!!!).


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    How do you get a permit to work in the UK? Is it an easy process or do you have to be sponsored by someone? Are any of your clients willing to sponsor?

    Thanks. Patricia

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    Madrid, Spain
    you have to be sponsored otherwise I would have stayed there after my degree =D
    and itīs hard to get one

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    Ireland too?

    Does Ireland have the same work permit policy? They seem to be recruiting heavily in the US.

    - Patricia

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