What do i do with this designer 6i !
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Thread: What do i do with this designer 6i !

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    hey guys !

    <i>i havent read any documentation before doin this</i>

    i am using designer 6i on oracle 8.1.6.
    i installed the goods properly.
    created the repos with the user des61
    i granted the dba role to this des61 guy !
    i also granted some explicit priveleges :
    1) select any table
    2) execute any procedure
    3) execute on dbms_lock
    now when i start my des 6i , i get the message
    CDR-20043: Non-versioned repository has no workarea or insufficient privileges

    Non-versioned repository cannot obtain access to the global
    Repository is inconsistently installed or user does not have
    select access on the workarea.

    Check privileges on workarea or contact your
    Database Administrator.


    checked the errors doc. .... nuthin different there !
    and u know what !

    <b>they say in 'Action'
    'contact your Database Administrator' >>>
    WHAT IF I AM THE DBA ! </b>


    Where am i goin wrong ? any insights ?
    Amit Sanghvi
    Oracle DBA

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    Creating a repository for Designer 6i is quiet trickey. It looks like that you have missed some role permissions that you have to create for it. I know it is a big pain in the B** to set this. I tried it long time back and droped it off. The documentaion explains it well and I would suggest that you refer the documentaion and proceed further.

    :D Good luck

    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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