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Thread: seting jobs to run in bourne and korn shell

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    I have 2 jobs. I want to run the first one everday at 2:pm in the afternoon and the second one just this wednesday at 5.00 am.
    How do I run those jobs from the bourne and korn shell. Is the same process?

    Please do an example.

    The name of the first job is
    The second job is

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    It really doesn't matter what shell you use if you are uing crontab scheduler. All OS does is submit that job at specified time.

    Make an entry in crontab like this

    00 14 * * *
    00 05 21 03 03

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    Another way to execute a one time job is to use the "at" command:

    at -f -t 03210500


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    Cron executes scripts under sh so if you want to run a Korn shell script you should put the line


    as the first line in your script. Make sure that you have the correct path to the ksh file, it may be somewhere other than /usr/bin
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