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    Hai everyone,
    Thanks for the response of the last query that i have put in. This is a new one.

    I have created a database. I have created a user in that particular database. I have also created a tablespace known as RBS. This is for the rollback segments. Now the question is How can i use the rbs tablespace for that particular user. Should i create a rollback segment and assign it to that particular user in that tablespace. I know that rollback segment is assigned to a aprticular transaction. I havent done that. But i read theoritically. Please help me in this practically.

    The database is O8.1.6 and the OS is NT and i am running in a laptop. Kindly advice me on this.


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    1)You've created RBS Tablespace to group the rollback segments under one tablespace not for allocating to users.
    2)You cannot allocate rollback segment to any user.

    3) You can allocate rollback segment to particular session.

    4)In SQL prompt you can give 'SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK SEGMENT <name> ' as a first statement, and then your transaction will use the named rollback segment.



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    Post rbs

    Hi karthi,

    Rollback segment is an object which every transactions can share access. So no users can be particularly pinned with a particular rollback segment. Simultaneous transaction can write into same rollback segment, even to same extent but not to same block. And transactions can't span accross rollback segments.

    So you create one public rollback segment. And whenever a session is started, Issue the first command to set the transaction to a specific rollback segment.

    And your's is i think an OLTP type of application, so create few rollback segments with lesser size.

    I love dba job

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    Thanks guys.

    I have got it


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