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    Whenever i start up dbsnmp process, i am getting error,

    'Multiple listener found for SID sidname'. The intelligent agent starts after this error, and the status is also o.k. But the listener.log file will starts filling in a drastic way and uses all the space left in the mount point, and creates big problem in even starting the svrmgr. all process will slow down. After i stop the DBSNMP everything returns to normal.

    I scanned the entire m/c, and made sure only one listener.ora file and contains only valid SID's , and all parameters in upper case ,which are same as in ORATAB file. TNS_ADMIN and ORATAB env variables are also set to proper loc's. Pl treat it as urgent call and get back ASAP.

    Deenu Param

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    Aug 2000
    Toronto, Ontario Canada
    I recently came across a similar problem.
    There is a note in metalink.oracle.com regarding this problem.
    I encountered the problem on 8.0.5, but I think its just a config. issue and can be quickly resolved.
    Sorry I don't remember the note id.

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    Mar 2001
    My initial attempt to get rid of this problem, are all acccording to metalink only. Bot it's not of much help. This time i deleted all the *.q and dbsnmp.ver and services.ora files on OH/NW/agent directory. And started listener and dbsnmp processes, but not of much help. Any gochas pl.
    Deenu Param

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