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    I am getting ready to take three 3GB Access Databases and combine them into an Oracle database and I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on how big my datafiles, rollback segments and log files should be? Also, what is the best method to get the data from Access into Oracle? I could use VB & SQL but they would take a while.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    There are several options to migrating data from Access to Oracle. You could spool the data out to a flat file, but at 3 gigs, thats quite a large spool file.

    I've used the Oracle Migration Workbench tool for Access and it works quite nicely. It does everything with respect for migration including layout. You can get it at technet.oracle.com

    As for the layout, this would depend on individual tables, disks etc. There are several notes on metalink regarding your issue, but tuing is an onging issue.

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    Try a migration tool at [url]http://www.ispirer.com/chyfo.html[/url]

    It provides you the fastest, the easiest and the most powerful way to migrate your database into Oracle.
    It allows you to extract any data from any database. It works in conjunction with Oracle SQL Loader.
    The tool creates CSV text files (moving of LOBs are fully supported), generates CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX scripts for Oracle and control files for SQL Loader.
    The tool has a lot of other features.

    Best regards, Dmitry.

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