This is another question to clarifing my self on Tablespaces and datafiles.

In one of the threads: Pando says:
I always create as follows

create tablespace XYZ
datafile '/u01/prod/XYZ.DBF' XXMB autoextend on next 1028K maxsize YYMB
minimum extent 128K
default storage(
initial 128K
next 128K
minextents 1
maxextents 4096
pctincrease 0
Can I always follow a convention that(Mine is a medium size database),
I create tablespaces with default values of 128K initial,
128 K next , minextents 128K and maxextents unlimited,pctincrease 0... parameters
& datafile of the calculated size.(may be 2-3GB as designed)

and specify my storage parameters at the time of creating the objecs(tables/indexes.).

Here when I am creating a table( for eg:1MB then about 8 continuous extents will be allocated) .

Please advise