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Thread: Urgent- archive

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    I temporarily stop automatic archiving in the morning while I backup the archivelogs. When I look at OEM often (and even now (my job has finished a long time ago and automatic archiving is back on), I find that there are many archiver (background processes). Can I kill them?

    Why are they still running? I checked my autmatic archiving is still on. Also someone is doing an update which is not so big, I feel this might be slowing the system down, but am concerned as to what to do.

    Please help,

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    Have you setup multiple arch processes, master or slave?? or are you using the parameter dbwr_io_slaves??

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    I fixed it (well for now).

    To answer your question, not I do not have any of them set (slaves 0, archive process 1). I found a note in a forum that said that this was some sort of bug in Oracle. Though the person in the forum said 8.1.5., time was critical (and the fix looked harmless), so I did it and it is fine now.

    For anyone who is interested the fix is:

    alter system set log_archive_max_processes=10; (or some number higher than the number of processes running)

    alter system archive log stop;
    ===>> this kills the ARCH processes

    alter system set log_archive_max_processes=1;

    alter system archive log start;
    ===>> this will start back only one

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