I have posted this question before and gotten advice and opinoin on caching tables in SGA.
Here's the picture.
I have an IBM AIX sever with 8GB Memory.

I have ONE ORACLE databas with the following SGA;

Total SGA: 1183438972 bytes
Variable size 116860 bytes
DB buffers 1073741824 bytes
redo buffers 17203 bytes

I need to cache three tables of sizes : 300MB, 500MB and 200MB, 100MB in sizes.
What I understand is the I can increase SGA to 4GB (ie. 50 % total memeory).
If, what would be an idea SGA configuration.
These 4 tables are so read intensive.
To what value should I raise the DB BLOCK BUFFERS so that I can cache these 4 tables without any side effects ?
Do I need to alter the other values given above ??

Thanks in advance,