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    we have apps 11i (11.5.3) on hp-ux. where on the HP will i find my startup .html file. ? what is it called ?
    how do i find it ?
    I need to make some changes to it ,if anybody can tell me a way to find out which one is my startup .html file , it will be very helpful

    thanks !

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    if you are referring to the url you need to put into your address line on explorer to get the application to start, look in $APPL_TOP/APPLSYS.env for your port number

    vi APPLSYS.env
    search for http note the port number

    then go to IE
    put http://machine_name.domain_name.com:...S/ICXINDEX.htm
    good luck.

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    The Personal homepage startup HTML can be found in: $OA_HTML/US and is called ICXINDEX.htm.
    Change US in another language code if you are running it.
    An Applications Forms session is started by using the URL: http://your_server:apache_port/dev60cgi/f60cgi.
    When a forms session is started the file $OA_HTML/bin/appsweb.cfg is used to dynamically build a startup HTML.

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