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Thread: Web server terms and definition

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    I have some difficulties to understand the terms of the components in the Apache. Does anyone have good reference site or explain to me ? Like What is servlets ?

    I did find out that the servlets is a Java server side application that runs inside a network device, such as a web server. It responds to requests from clients, accepting client input and dynamically generating output.

    From this statement, I found another question is what is means by Java server side application? Is this mean it runs only in the Server has Java program ?

    What is the Servlet Zone ?

    Although we can get the explanation from the documents, sometimes I will have more questions on the explaination I get.

    Please help me on this!!! Thanks

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    What I understand is servlet is like a tiny application(like applet) runs at the server to serve the client request (browser request). See the steps of "Using Servlet" in the following link.


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    Look at whatis.com

    it has a lot of tech definitions


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