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Thread: Background process

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    Jan 2001
    What I want to know is when a job (some sql) is running in the background, won't I appear in the v$process data dict.

    I have a process (process no 16150 on UX-os), I am trying to find out the sid for that background session by matching
    16150 in the v$process view where spid = 16150.
    I don't find any rows in the view.

    Can some one explain how I can find the sid for a process which is running in background?

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    When u run a sql from within a shell, a new process is created , so u need to find out the process id of this new process

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    Jan 2001
    Yeh, But I have checked up for the new process id also.
    All other process id's are displayed in v$process except for this one!!1

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