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Thread: Contention for Space in the Redo Log Buffer

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    I ran this query on the database and got a result of 77.44 %. I know that it should be less than 1%. what do I need to fix this problem.

    /***Detecting Contention for Space in the Redo Log Buffer**/

    select round(greatest(
    2 (sum(decode(, 'redo copy', misses,0))
    3 / greatest(sum(decode(, 'redo copy', gets,0)),1)),
    4 (sum(decode(, 'redo allocation', misses,0))
    5 / greatest(sum(decode(, 'redo allocation', gets,0)),1)),
    6 (sum(decode(, 'redo copy', immediate_misses,0))
    7 / greatest(sum(decode(, 'redo copy', immediate_gets,0))
    8 + sum(decode(, 'redo copy', immediate_misses,0)),1)),
    9 (sum(decode(, 'redo allocation', immediate_misses,0))
    10 / greatest(sum(decode(, 'redo allocation', immediate_gets,0))
    11 + sum(decode(, 'redo allocation', immediate_misses,0)),1)))
    12 * 100,2)"Percentage "
    13 from v$latch l, v$latchname ln
    14 where l.latch# = ln.latch#;

    Percentage -----------

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    Increase the redo copy latches based on the number of CPUs you have. Also look at the redo space requests Vs redo writes & logfile sync time and tune the log buffer size.


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    See the size of current redologs is enough. If not try creating/adding couple of more logs or resizing current logs

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