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    We have just changed some of our tablespaces to locally mannaged tablespaces, so that they can be trasportable in import/export commands.

    Even if they do well, before implementing I would like to know if anyone out there knows any disadvantages of this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have 4 months with them and I have not found any problem.
    But don't use it in Rollback segment tablespace. (There are bugs)
    And even I'm using it in TEMP tablespaces too, I'm not sure if Oracle manages that well, I guess I'm hitting some bugs with temporary tables in temporary tablespaces :(
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    Nov 2000
    Thanks for your reply. If they are locally managed, should I be looking out for anything??


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    If you put it Automatic allocation, you should check what tables/indexes are getting bigger, not because any problem, just to separate them to another tablespace (TBS1_BIG_DATA) or something, it's not necessary just more beauty :).
    If you put it Uniform you should check if you don't overestimate some table, this you can know seeing blocks free after an analyze.
    Again, you can create 3 tablespaces in uniform:
    128K=>Small tables
    4M=>Medium tables
    128M=>Big tables
    Hope it helps.
    You can find these in a doc called "How stop defragmenting...."
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    Does a transportable table have to be locally managed?

    Thanks alot.

    I was under the impression that a tablespace had to be locally managed to be able to transport them. Upon reading the document on (8i Central) Transportable tablespaces and Locally managed tablespaces, I could see no correllation.

    Am I missing something? I was told that the tablespaces had to be locally managed to be transportable. Is this true?


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