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Thread: Create Table as select * from & long datatypes - what to do?

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    I am trying to correct a table with a high number of chained rows, so I've
    ran the UTLCHAIN script, analyze <table> list chained rows into
    chained_rows, now I want to insert the chained rows from table_a into a temp
    table by using:

    create table table_a_chained
    as select * from table_ a
    where rownum in (select head_rownum from chained_rows
    where table_name = 'table_a')

    Then delete the rows from table_a and re-insert them from the temp table.

    unfortunatly one of the columns in table_a is a LONG RAW datatype and it
    wont allow this.

    Can I work around this?

    thanks in advance...

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    use export/import but be sure of dependencies,grants and constraints.

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    Go to SQL*Plus and use a COPY command - it supports LONGs and LONGRAWs. For exact syntax consult SQL*Plus manual.
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