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    I've worke more than one year in Dev and Test Database , Now they ask me to start production database admin. We have several of them and some of very heavy OLTP type. A little scary even for small changes.

    Could somebody tell/refer me to some sort of Articles, URLs, or documents that generally inform me about some DO ... , DON't ... , Never DO ... and this king of things that each individual must follow when she/he apporoach to a critical PROD Database.

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    I can't point to specific care to be taken but, think what if, the task you are trying to do fails/ is not successfull. Whats the remedy ? How are you going to take the database to original state. This is with regular day-to-day maintenance after having a solid plan for the task.

    When you hit the problem and its critical don't be panic! write down the steps depending on the time you have and try making backup copies of the files you are above to play with as a part of problem resolution.

    And you have dbasupport.com and other sites to help....

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    i am in complete agreement with reddy, apart from that, do have scripts ready(if they are already not there), to check for things like space usage, db corruption, stats collection , rollback segment usage,moving of logfiles, checking logs for any errors on a regular basis and other normal oracle dba things

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