I have currently setup an Oracle 8.1.7 EE database server (NT) as the master site and setup one PC with the latest Oracle Lite software, which will serve as the snapshot site.

I created the appropriate snapshot logs and master group on the master site. Using Oracle8 Navigator on the PC, I was able to connect to the master site and create local snapshots of the master tables.

I am also able to manually refresh (replicate) the local snapshots with the master tables within Oracle Navigator.

Question 1: Would I be able to refresh the Oracle Lite snapshots from the master site? I tried doing this with Oracle's Replication Manager but it does not see Oracle Lite clients.

Question 2: Is there a way I can AUTOMATICALLY refresh the snapshot site without writing my own VB or Java app? In other words is there a process I can run on the client that will automatically refresh the snapshots at specified intervals? (The documentation only limits me to manually refresh in Oracle Navigator or use their APIs within a custom client application.)

thanks in advance for your advice,
-Eddie Hernandez