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Thread: coalesce RBS?

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    Can you coalesce the RBS tablespace and it will have the same significant effect just like other tablespaces?

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    I doubt that you could coalesce the RBS, but even if you could they are ment to act like a rubber band where they can expand for their wish and shrink to the optimal point.

    Interesting question, interested to see what others has to say on this regard.


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    Sure you can coalesce the RBS tablespace, it is just the same as any other tablespace. The database sistem could not have any idea that a particular tablespace is ment only for rollbacks (as opposed to TEMP tablespace, if you create it as "TEMPORARY"). You also can't stop users to create tables or indexes in RBS tablespace, unles you revoke them quota on that tablespace!

    So as far as Oracle is concerned, RBS is just the same as any other tablespace. The only tablespace that is special is temporary tablespace if it was created as TEMPORARY. So there is nothing to stop you from coalescing RBS tablespace.

    But I would not recomend you to do so, unless you have rolback segments of different extent sizes (which you shouldn't have in the first place). If all rollback's extents are equaly sized, the more the tablespace is "fragmented", the less work the system have to do when it have to extend a rollback segment. If you coalesce the RBS tablespace, the performance won't improve, it will degrade. Although this degradation in performance will be so minimal that noone will ever notice....

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