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Thread: 8i and 9i

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    Is 9i just a later release than 8i or is it a slightly different product?

    Is the cost the same?

    Im in the process of upgrading from 7.35 and am unsure of which of these products is best to go for.

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    9i is not out yet but if you plan to upgrade may be 8i would be your choice since it's a stable release, as usual new products are always buggy expect the same from 9i!
    9i has quite a few new features though, you can check on OTN for a whitepaper with 9i new features

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    I would advise you to go with 817 for the time being as its not feasible to upgrade directly to 9i ASA 9i is released. that tales 6 to 9 months to be stable version. Its lot easier to migrate/upgrade from 817 to 9i than 73 to 9i.

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