DB block size for DSS/DW
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Thread: DB block size for DSS/DW

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    Red face

    For my development instance I plan to use 8k.

    BTW I am using 8.1.6 on Solaris 2.7.

    But for production and QA systems it should have a higher block size, correct?

    I know I really need to know the bandwidth of a query... but is there a recommended range?

    Something like 16k to 32k?

    I know it should be <= the stripe size of the actual disks (which is like 500k I think) ... and <= the stripe size of my RAID.

    Any recommendations on the block size (and while you're at it, the stripe size of my RAID)?


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    Typical block size of DSS/DW are 8k or higher.

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    db_block_size : Check OS limitations
    8K should be ok, but depends upon the IO size of transaction.
    RAID stripe size: MAX IO limitation of OS and the number of Disks u plan to have in a filesystem .
    Stripe size (per disk) : Mulitple of (db_block_size * db_mulitblock_read_count)

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    For a DSS/DW, I would recommend 32K block size.

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