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    I am trying you load a flat file to an oracle table with 23 Columns (number and varchar2 datatypes) using SQL Loader. The number of rows to be loaded is about 70K. I was able to use SQL loader to load data into other table, suddenly I received this type of error;
    SQL*Loader-00350 Syntax error at line 10.
    Token longer than max allowable length of 258 chars

    then it points the error on line of the control file.

    I tried looking the error code in Oracle Messages and codes but it gives a different description of the error.


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    Until controlfile structure and flat file data seen, difficult to give some suggestion. Is it loading some rows atleast or no rows. what do you get in bad file or log ?

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    Could it be that the parameter for the column is not set correctly. You might want to limiting the data to be loaded into the column to be less than 256 character or set the column to LOB.

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