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    hey ! dbas
    how are you guys!!
    I got a problem over here. Every time i shuts down the compp.Next time I turn it on i always get a massage that oracle is not available. Then sys guy has to (start it up) again.So please tell what i can do so next time it starts from services.The db is on NT.
    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

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    In the control panel you will find a services icon.
    Double click on this.
    In here you will find a list of services that run on this machine.
    Scroll down until you see the ORACLE database process and the Oracle Listener processes. Highlight each in turn and click the startup button. Set it to automatic.
    The database and listener will now start when the machine boots.


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    In case waterw suggestion doesn't work, shutdown the database and try removing the current service using ORADIM utility and recreate newone. Follow the matalink doc/ NT documentation.

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