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    I want to create a 20GB database. Which Operating system is prefered Windows NT or Linux.

    I heard from some consultants that Windows NT will not be supportive over 12GB database. Is it true. I want to go for Windows NT, since, it is available with us.

    Coul any one give me a good solutions.



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    Linux no doubt abt that. Linux i smore stable o/s than windows nt. PErsonally I would like to treat Nt as more of a File server than a db server.

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    Would probably go for NT.

    NT can indeed handle databases of this size, however for the 32 bit version of Oracle, you must ensure the database is comprised of files <= 2Gb.

    My reason for preferring NT is that there are plenty of users running oracle on NT. Many issues have been found and resolved. There isnt the same userbase (IMHO) for linux.

    Now if you were to offer Unix vs. NT (say Intel Sparc?) I would certainly go for unix with a database of this size.

    Good luck with whichever one you go for.

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    From my personal point of view, linux is the most prefered operating system when compared to NT. But from the product point of view, oracle on NT would be better when compared to that of it on Linux, the reasons are as follows, 1. Oracle just now had come up with its version for linux. There are a number of oracle tools that are not yet functional on Linux. NT has a fully blown version of oracle. Since, Oracle had just started it venture into the linux world, its products needs a major bug fix for the linux. There are a number of problem issues that had been discussed in the past threads on this forum. I would suggest them too. Where as Oracle is pretty good in coming up with the patch for the windows/NT and Unix platforms. So, if you cannot invest some good money into the Unix, then you are better off with NT when compared to Linux.

    Now the choice is yours,. Good luck,

    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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