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Thread: URGENT

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    thanks for ur replies,
    just now i installed oracle enterprise edition with default database and the original database is not yet installed. and when i have to configure the listeners now i have to configure or after creating the database. still i have not created any user also, created only one user name oracle under dba group.

    my envoronment is

    oracle 8.1.6 on HP_UX version 11 and HP9000 server

    and what are the post installation steps i want to know in detail.

    if i have to configure now pls let me know in detail how to configure that (I am working in production environment).

    thank you very much in advance

    ram kishore

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    You better check with installation guide for setting up installation procedures. If your installation is perfect and it went well and your default database works fine. Everything is ready to go:

    1.Prepare init.ora parms file
    2.design physical layout/Follow OFA
    SETUP environment ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID
    3.create database, create rollback tablespace and rollback segments, TEMP, USERS and TOOLS tablespace
    4.run catalog.sql and catproc.sql
    5.run other options scripts as needed like replication option, dbms utility scripts etc.
    6.Create data and index tablespaces for Original database.
    7. oratab eith the new instance created
    8. update listener.ora,tnsnames.ora,sqlnet.ora
    9.alter database backup controlfile to trace.

    thats it pretty much

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    The most important thing is that your client should be able to connect to the database, new sid is automatically registered in tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,sqlnet.ora if not you can always use Net8 Config.

    I would not recommend you to manually edit tnsnames.ora and listener.ora.


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