I have moved all database files to a test server and am tring to start the database.

loaded oracle 8.0.5 on nt platform with no defualt db.

Set up listener.ora, tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora exacly like the ones on the production server.

When I try to do the net8 easy config, i error out:

ORA - 12500 listener failed to start a dedicated server process.

I've looked into it and this leads me to verify tnsnames and listener but everything seems to be correct and also matches the prod. server, except ofcourse where the reference is to the server name, then it's specific to the test server.

any suggestion?

Basically I thought it would be a no brainer, copy all database file from a cold backup, trace out and config controlfile, run the configed controlfile as script and start the instance.

I can't seemd to get past the tns errors.