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    I have oracle 8i on Win NT in home pc.
    I am able to startup the Database thru the NT services.
    But if I do the startup from server manager, at the time of
    giving the command

    connect internal

    i am getting the error TNS:Protocol Adapter Error.

    I have given my sid in the tnsnames.ora and the host
    name is my ip address.
    Is there any default ip address which can be given so that i can do a startup from the server manager or what can be the alternative host name other than the ip address.

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    Hi Swetha,

    Very NEW to ORacle isn't it?

    Ok Follow the steps.

    After creating the database successfully and running the req. scripts u r ready to enter into the db but u r not able to do and this is ur problem....

    goto C prompt set oracle_sid = ABCD

    (ABCD - your db sid)

    type oradim

    It gives help or straightaway type this..

    C:\oradim -new -sid ABCD -intpwd password -pfile filepath(This pfile is optional)

    Run this if there is any error see the help by typing oradim

    then goto svrmgr
    connect internal

    Still u can not solve the problem then mail me and my mail id is sivakumarnv@yahoo.com

    Siva Kumar N.V
    PeopleSoft Architect

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    try connecting as internal through sql plus and let us knwo the results.


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