I have a problem , I got a package which inserts 15,00,000 row's in one table and 2500 row's in another table by getting detials from different cursors . This package is failing with ORA-01555 error . I asked the DBA to creat a big rollback segemt RBSBIG1 ( 1GB) . After that i modified the code to use that big rollback segment , but still it is failing with ora 01555 error by refering another rollback segment Like RBS01,RBS02 .. . I don't know though i coded to RBSBIG1 , it fails by showing anther Rollbacksegment which it is not suppose to use . Any body has ever faced this problem . Can some one help me in this , i tried to the max to eliminate this error . Please update this if you need any more info on this issue .