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Thread: truncate other user's tables

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    i need a user to be able to truncate a couple of other user's tables.
    granting delete on those tables doesn't work. the only way i've found it works is granting drop any table to the user, but i don't find that safe. is there any other way??

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    Oracle has given that way only.

    Drop any table gives the user ability to Truncate the Table in someone's Schema.

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    Scenario: user A owns the tables to be truncated, user B should be able to truncate those tables without being granted "DROP ANY TABLE" privilege.

    I would recomend the following solution:

    1.) Let user A create a PL/SQL procedure that truncates the desired table(s) (using dynamic PL/SQL).
    2.) User A grants EXECUTE privilege on that procedure to user B

    User B is now able to truncate only those selected A's tables, not *any* table in the database.

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