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    Hi, all
    Is there any way just to export packages,functions,triggers,views etc but without tables and its data? what is the proper syntax? Thanks for help.

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    The best thing will be to use a Schema generation tool and use Reverse Engineering to create the SQL for the functions, procedures, triggers etc.

    But if you don't have such a tool and must use Export/Import then you will have to export at least at USER level to export the procedures, functions etc.

    There is a parameter ROWS that you can set to 'N' so that it does not export the table data.

    It will still export the table definitions though.

    In the database where you want to import, it will create the empty tables if they don't already exist (in this case you can drop those tables after the import)

    If the tables already exist it will show error (you may set IGNORE=Y to ignor esuch errors) and import the procedures, functions triggers etc.

    - Rajeev
    Rajeev Suri

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    You can create a script to create these objects from the data dictionary views, USER_SOURCE, USER_VIEWS and USER_TRIGGERS.

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