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Thread: How to Connect to Sysdba

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    Feb 2001

    Can any one please let me know how can I connect as Sysdba or Sysoper.

    I tried connecting Sys/sys as Sysdba, Got insifficient priviliges, then connect Internal/Oracle as sysdba same error.

    Can any one please let me know how to connect as Sysdba.
    I changed the password of Sys to Sys and Internal still has Oracle... I am asking to use personally on Oracle personal 8.0.5

    Thanks in advance.

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    Which OS of your system?
    If your system is Unix, your login account must be in DBA group as you want to connect as sysdba.
    Am I solve your question?

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    I'm not sure,
    but I guess you are on remote and
    this have someting to do with your
    remote_login_passwordfile = exclusive
    in init.ora

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    ericchan is right ...

    if your in the unix "dba" group simply ...

    At the unix prompt(as "oracle" user - "dba" group):
    %sqlplus /nolog

    Now your at the SQL prompt:
    SQL> connect / as sysdba

    If your having this problem it sounds like you should invest 40 bucks in a good Oracle book.



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    Sorry Guys, I am in win Millenium... using Oracle Personal 8

    I tried in Server Manager but did not let me in as SysDba..

    Thanks in Advance

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    first connect internal and then grant sysdba and sysoper to sys.OK and then try to connect sys /XXX as sysdba.Now u will be able to connect as sysdba ok.for confirmation check in v$pw_file view.ok/.

    Vinod Kumar.

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    "insifficient priviliges..."

    makes me think your password file is missing or is not at the correct location. For Windows it should be in --

    Oracle_Home\database folder and should be named as pwdSID.ora

    Then try connecting as sys with the password you specified at the time of password file creation.

    I am assuming that you are connecting from the database server itself (not the client)

    You should be part of the ORA_DBA group in Windows NT if you wish to connect as sysdba without the password --

    connect / as sysdba

    For Remote authentication you will also need to set the --

    sqlnet.authentication_services = (NTS)

    in the sqlnet.ora on both client and server side

    - Rajeev
    Rajeev Suri

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