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Thread: Database Link

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    Hi Friends,

    I am facing problem where i am using database link. I am
    giving detail.

    We have two database server on different machines.
    We have create two different strings for connection.

    Say orcl1 for one server and orcl2 for second.
    Individualy we connect both the server using above
    string. But when we want to user Database Link its giving erros.

    I am connected through orcl2 and
    giving command

    create database link test_ln
    connect to scott identified by tiger
    using "orcl1";

    ok its giving message
    Database link created.

    now i am making a query for remote database

    select * from dept@test_ln;
    giving message

    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name

    could i get help please?

    Pitamber Soni

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    Kolkata- India


    This is a guess.
    Probably you have set the tnsnames of the client machine. Trying setting the tnsnames present in the server.

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    Yo have to create the alias in each tnsnames.ora present at the sever network/admin directories
    If u are creating database link from ORCL1 to ORCL2. then ,in ORCL1 server machine create a alias in tnsnames.ora to connect to ORCL2. test it by login to the ORCL1 server from the same machine (not from other client) and type SQL> connect scott/tiger@ORCL2. If this works fine then you are able to connect using database link

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    In the source Server machine, in init.ora parameter file, change the parameter global_names=false.

    This will definitely workout.

    If it again gives the problem saying
    "unable to connect destination.."

    there might be pbms in tnsnames.ora


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