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Thread: Database link

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    select * from global_name; returns MONY

    in init.ora, global names= true

    db_domain is NULL in init.ora.

    under this situation, I created database link using the following syntax.

    create database link MONY
    connect to (username) identified by (password)
    using 'Service name';

    when I try to issue the following test query
    select * from dba_users@database_link_name

    Oracle gave me the
    ora 02085 Database link MONY.world connects to MONY.

    Since the value of db_domain is NULL, I don't think that I need to append '.WORLD' after MY database_link_name. If my db_domain is WORLD, I should put '.WORLD' after the database_link_name.
    what do you think?

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    I think the problem is that Oracle append '.WORLD' automatically after the database link name.

    After creating database link
    (Create databse link MONY
    connect to (username) identified by (password)
    using 'service name';)

    I issued the following query.

    select * from user_db_links;
    it returns the name of the database link is

    MONY.WORLD instead of MONY.
    As you see, when I created the database link, I did't append '.WORLD'.
    I guess this is some sort of Oracle default.
    Is there anybody who is accustomed to this matter?

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