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    Hi Friends,
    Can somebody send me the detailed steps for point in time recovery of a dropped table?


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    Hi Yenny,

    Simple Question, to understand the soln. u need some logical thinking.

    I will explain u the scenario and try to understand...

    Say evening 5 pm a gay comes and tell u that I dropped an important table in the morning 10 am and he needs that table with data and at the same time u shouldnot loose other data. OK this is your problem...

    For this u need ur database in archive log mode - most important.

    step 1.

    Import database with full data and keep it in a different place and forget it for timebeing. say final.dmp


    come to the original db and recover the database till time
    (I think u know this until cancel or until time etc) say 10am
    or check ur last archive log time and make it 9.30 to 10 am and recover till that archive.

    Now u may loose all other data after that period. ok. but u have the table recovered by this way.

    Now export this table , this table may contain 90 to 100% of its data. and keep it sepatately say table1.dmp

    Now import the final.dmp but now u don't have that table in the database ok. Now import table1.dmp in the finaldatabase.

    Now u got the table in the database and didn't loose any data

    OK Now u Happy... Enjoy

    Siva Kumar N.V
    PeopleSoft Architect

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    Thanks Sivakumar.

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    This is ROhit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP from India.
    In order to perform point in time recovery of a dropped table first ur database must be in archivelog mode.

    I will give u a scenario so that u can understand the concept.
    foe e.g Say at 12:00 noon a user drop a important table and he came to u at 1:00 pm saying that u want to recover the table.In this case u have to perform incomplete recovery.U have to take ur database to the point when the table existed.

    Step 1: Shutdown the database with immediate/normal option
    Step 2: Backup all the datafiles,controlfiles and redo logfiles
    Step 3: Copy all the datafiles from the last backup
    Step 4: Mount the database
    Step 5: Give the following command
    Step 6: It will apply all the redo logs till that time
    Step 7: Open the database with resetlog option
    Step 8: Backup the database again.

    In case of any problem,please be write to

    Rohit Nirkhe,OCP

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by yenni143 [/i]
    [B]Hi Friends,
    Can somebody send me the detailed steps for point in time recovery of a dropped table?

    thanks [/B][/QUOTE]

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