Hi friends,
I understand that the parameter ENQUE_RESOURCES should be set to (SESSIONS-10) X 2 + 55 which translates to 265 in my case.
Further, it is said that "If there are many tables, the value may be increased by 1 for each resource added(regardless of the number of sessions or cursors using that resource) not by 1 for each lock. We should only increase the parameter if Oracle returns an error specifying that enques are exhausted."
We have just 17 tables in our database and 7 of these tables have been partitioned into 45 partitions and further subpartitioned based on a hash.
We have not specified any specific value for ENQUE_RESOURCES in the init.ora file. However when I check up the parameters through OEM's instance manager a value of 5616 is shown, which I assume Oracle has considered due to the partitions. Is this assumption correct?

Also for the parameter DML_LOCKS which should be 4 X TRANSACTIONS, in place of 4 X 126 we have provided 4096 in our init.ora. I do not know the reasoning for this number. Is this value adequate? How to correctly assess this parameter?

We are using 8.1.6 on Compaq Tru64