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    hi guys

    how can i make oracle_db a default db like it was ...before i create another db...after i create the new one when i log on to oracle sql/plus im connected auto to the 1 i create not oracle_db...how can i fix this...tell me a step pls...
    i have 2 db oracle and newdb <NT>


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    More you get confused, you will get confusing solution which confuses what you will be doing and there will be only confusion left nothing else.

    No offence. Try being clear in what you are asking, If necessary, edit posting and give little more information. One can't read your mind, right ? It might make sence in what you are asking and it should make some sense who try to answer...

    If you could rephrase your Q, you get reply ASAP.

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    The way you get to establish the database connection through sqlplus is as follows

    This way is common to client & server sides

    sqlplus username/password@service_name

    The service name is the name that you have in the tnsnames.ora file to connect to the database.

    Now comming to the point of connceting to the database from client:

    set the following environment in your profile

    TWO_TASK=sid or service_name

    then you can connect to this database as
    sqlplus username/password

    On the server, if you want to connect to a perticulart database, then put this parameter in your .profile
    ORACLE_SID= sid

    then from this point you would be able to conncet to the database as

    sqlplus username/password

    On any case would you ever want to connect to the other database, you could do so by the first way.

    Hope this would help you.

    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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