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    We have two instances on two different machines, both on the same local subnet (in fact, physically next to each other). We have created db links from one to the other, but they are exceptionally slow, i.e. doing sql using a local table runs orders of magnitude faster than the doing the same sql against table@dblink. The network, etc. don't appear to be the problem (same subnet, 100MB+ link between the two, etc.).

    Ignoring the network for a moment (yes, I know <g>), is there something in Oracle itself that can make a difference in how fast a database link works? Does the protocol used between the two instances matter? (right now it's TCP, but I've been told that IPC might be faster)



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    connections throw db-link work in sqlnet and use tcp-protocol.
    The problem may be the query you run...(don't make join throw db-link because the time on responce will be exponential in negative)....if you have problem only on select then i sugest you to encrease some buffer-parameters on your local machine (check also open_links param. on your db)

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    there was(version7.2?) and may be still are some cases when oracle pumps join table from one server to another if a query has a join to remote table.
    Check for that using SQL plans and data block statistics for a query(sqlplus from 8i can do that).

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