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Thread: How do I find out name of mgmt server?

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    I am trying to use Enterprise Manager for the first time and it wants me to add a management server. How do I figure out what the name of my management server is? I don't remember giving it a name. I know that my IIS server is named the same as my computer name. If oracle's management server is supposed to be named after my computer name then can I call my IIS server the same name and have them just use different ports? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    management server is not IIS, you have to install it with Oracle installation CD in an NT machine or UNIX machine, once installed in a new NT a service will be created (should be something like OracleManagement), startup the service and from oem console you should be able to connect to it with login/password sysman/oem_temp

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    U need to create a repository, for the mgmt server to work. The database in which u created repository acts as mgmt server.
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