Hello All,
Just a few general questions about Oracle Certification. I recently became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Professional: Specialty Internet (MCP+I) and will soon (within two months) become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Specialty Internet (MCSE+I) and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) on Microsoft SQL 7. After I get that, I am debating where best to guide my certification path. The two major contendors are Oracle DBA Certification (which you all are biased towards) and Cisco CCNA Certification (and eventually CCyadayada). I know, they are two totally different tracks, but I currently am not biased towards either. My questions are these:
1. How different is Microsoft SQL and Oracle SQL? I heard that Microsoft SQL is a high-end server database application that runs blazing fast, while Oracle Databases are similar in speed to Microsoft Access 95 DBs running on a 486/33 with 256 KB of RAM and booting off a 5 1/4" floppy into a high-end repetitive looping OS that demands the very best. (Wow, I can see those veins protruding from your forehead! ;) ) No, but seriously, how different are they?
2. Are DBO & DBA 8 very related?
3. What is the difference between taking the 8i Mixed Path, or the 8 Path with the Upgrade test at the end?
4. How long before the 9 tests come out?
5. How long until the 8 tests are retired (I know 7 was only retired recently)?
6. What is the average amount of time you will have to put in studying to get DBA 8 Certified (assume I passed my MCSE which is 6 tests in 3 months by studying my butt off and passing the tester $50 ;) )?
7. Does anybody know of the median salary range of Oracle DBAs?
8. We all know historically people had Gates on their houses before select eccentric people got Jobs making better Gates, but where do those Bezos that live down the street tie into this?

Alright, this post is getting pretty long and the fact that you are still reading means either that you are really slacking off at your job, or you are a kind, helpful person who enjoys sharing knowledge with others and you have hair that smells like fresh honeycombs. Well, do you know what, I eat Honeycombs(r) for Breakfast!!! Okay, thanks for reading and hopefully responding.

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