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Thread: can't open Oracle Enterprise Manager

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    When I try to open Oracle Enterprise Manager it gives me an error message that says "VTK-1000: Unable to connect to the management server (then it gives my IIS server's name). Please verify that you have entered the correct host name and the status of the Oracle Management Server. Now I didn't let it install any oracle servers because they were conflicting with my IIS and making it not work. Should I still install one of the oracle servers and if so does anyone know which ones it wants? I loaded oracle on my Internet Information Server under the directory c:\Inetpub\wwwroot. For some reason it says that some of the configuration files were under C:\Oracle. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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    The reason why it had placed the files in different places was I belive that the installer was following the OFA (Oracle Flexible Architecture) But still couldn't get why it would go to the C: level instead to start from the directory that you had specified.

    Comming to the point of OEM, inorder to run the oem, you would require a OEM repository created in one of your instances. To create the repository, go to ORACLE_HOME/bin and execute the "emca" This would bring up a GUI and would help you to create a repository on your running instance. In the mean time, also make sure that oracle intelligent agent is also started on the server.

    lsnrctl dbsnmp_start

    Once after you create the repository, you go to strat the oracle management server. On any unix system one would start
    it by

    oemctrl start oms

    Once you start the management serer then you could log into the oem by default username "sysman" and password "oem_temp"
    and the hostname where the OMS (oracle management serer) is running. This would allow you to start the OEM and then you have to discover the node to start thing going.

    For how to create the repository and etc, go to
    [url]http://technet.oracle.com[/url] and do a search on the OEM version that you are running. This would get you a very good resource on OEM.

    Good luckl

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    I also had the same message , in my case i just iniate the services (Oracle$$$$managementserver and Oracle$$$$clientcache) in the control panel.

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