I'm trying to connect to a remote database that 's running on another machine.

this is my first attempt at oracle, and though I've ready many articles on the topic, it still isn't explained thouroughly enough to of any assistance.

We're trying to use a webpage as a frontend interface to an Oracle database, and tying SQL statements to the buttons to perform the actions we need.

I've been told that you can execute SQL statements in SQLPlus like:

SQL> connect username/password

Now, that works great if I'm trying to connect to a database on my machine, but what if someone else wants to connect to my database? Or me to theirs?

SQL> SQLPLUS username/password

... was the last piece of information I was given, but where do you specify the host to connect to? And in what format?

I'm learning more and more about Oracle, but what a wicked learning curve. The ironic thing, is that most of it seems to be in the setup. Once the database is running, the rest is just learning how to interface with it.

Anyway, this is where I'm stuck.

Many thanks,

Wesley Allan Kells.